Using Tomorrows Surgery Techniques... Today

With nearly two decades of combined experience, Dr. Shikiar is skilled and comfortable with traditional open surgical procedures. But now, minimally invasive surgical techniques make it possible for Dr. Shikiar to perform surgery with your comfort in mind. These techniques result in drastically smaller incisions, less pain and reduced postoperative complications and a shorter length of recovery, making many types of surgery not only easier on you, but safer and more effective, as well.

Laparoscopy is a particularly effective form of minimally invasive surgery that Dr. Shikiar uses with great success for his patients. Laparoscopic surgery is performed with a fiber-optic videoscope and small surgical instruments

inserted through simple, tiny incisions.

Dr. Shikiar uses laparoscopic surgery as a safe alternative to open surgery for conditions like these:

Hernia Repair - The laparoscopic version of hernia repair is similar to traditional methods, but results in less tension on the hernia site and a remarkably shorter, more comfortable recovery period.

Gallbladder/bile duct surgery - Today's laparoscopic gallbladder surgery can mean a recovery period of only about two weeks, with incisions so small, sometimes only surgical tape is needed to close them.

Gastric Bypass - This surgery to treat severe obesity employs laparoscopy to safely close off the lower portion of the stomach, helping you feel full longer.  Both doctors are involved in your weight loss efforts, providing you with education and all the support you need to succeed.

Colon Resection/Colostomy Reversal- Dr. Shikiar is skilled with all types

of colon surgeries.  If you've had an emergency or temporary colostomy, you're probably anxious to have it reversed. When the circumstances are right laparoscopic reversal is an effective option preferred by many patients.

Anti-reflux surgery - When lifestyle changes and medication don't help your persistent heartburn, you may find relief with this procedure. This is a real solution that uses laparoscopy to repair the defect that lets acid escape the stomach and back up into the esophagus.

Bringing you the latest minimally invasive methods

Dr. Shikiar is continually researching and training with many types of minimally invasive techniques and uses the safest, most effective methods for a wide range of health concerns such as hemorrhoids, varicose veins and the early detection of breast cancer.

Varicose vein treatment - From spider veins to even the most serious varicose veins, these unsightly and often painful conditions respond well to Dr. Shikiar's minimally invasive techniques. Featuring the SEPS (subfascial endoscopic perforator surgery) technique, our methods for treating your varicose veins provide all the benefits of minimally invasive surgery and also offer you better cosmetic results.

Trivex TM - This innovative procedure removes varicose veins more effectively and comfortably.  Also, the number of incisions required and the actual time needed for surgery are greatly reduced.

Advanced medicine for breast cancer detection.

If your mammogram has revealed an abnormality in your breast, your doctor will most likely want a biopsy performed for you. Unlike the incisional biopsies of the past, stereotactic breast biopsy is

performed under local anesthesia and involves only a tiny incision through which a needle is inserted to collect tissue samples for testing. Technology has made pinpointing the suspected tissue easier than ever, and the small incisions mean less pain and cosmetic results you'll appreciate. Because early detection means earlier treatment of breast cancer, this could be one of the most important tests you'll ever undergo. Fortunately, Dr. Shikiar works as a team with the radiology staff at several area hospitals, so you can feel confident that you'll get a biopsy that enables an accurate diagnosis.

Patients with early-stage breast cancer can also take comfort in Dr. Shikiar, who performs less invasive sentinel node biopsies to determine the development of cancer in the lymph nodes.

This is a highly sensitive diagnostic test that eliminates the risk of arm swelling.

A broad scope of care, made convenient for you

In addition to this state-of -the-art surgical care, Dr. Shikiar performs minor in-office procedures and offer comprehensive wound care to patients with non-healing wounds due to diabetes and other conditions.

Care this complete, this compassionate, means you can rely on the General Surgery Practice of Northern New Jersey for all your surgical needs. For your convenience, we also offer flexible appointments and accept and file most insurance, and your Visa or MasterCard is always welcome.

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At the General Surgery Practice, Dr. Steven Shikiar combines the best in today's advanced surgical options with the kind of old-fashioned care you might not expect from a surgeon. We all know how stressful, even frightening, the prospect of having surgery can be. That's why the entire staff does everything it takes to help you feel comfortable, relaxed and cared for at a time when you need it most. From the friendly greeting you'll receive when you arrive to the one-on-one time you'll spend talking with Dr. Shikiar, you'll feel our commitment to you.

So rest easy. With Dr. Shikiar, you're in the care of an experienced, board-certified surgeon who will give you the support and personal attention you deserve along with the advanced medical care you need to recover and feel your best.


Steven P. Shikiar, MD, FACS

Board-Certified: American Board of Surgery

Fellow: American College of Surgeons

MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Internship & Residency: General Surgery, New York Medical College, Westchester County Medical Center

Undergraduate Cum Laude: Brandeis University

Member: American Medical Association, Surgical Society of New York Medical College, Medical Society of New Jersey, Hudson County Medical Society

Clinical Instructor: Department of Surgery , New York Medical College

Traditional & minimally invasive surgical solutions:

Minimally invasive breast surgery - Anti-reflux surgery - Hernia repair - Gallbladder surgery - Varicose vein treatment - Colon surgery - Obesity management - Surgical treatment of the thyroid & parathyroid - Skin lesion/tumor removal - Hemorrhoid treatment - Wound care

The convenience you deserve:

Most major insurance accepted & filed - Flexible appointments - Hablamos espanol - Emergencies seen promptly - Affiliations with local hospitals - Free parking

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